Founders of CrossFit Kids Sue CrossFit

The suit alleges that the Martins created CrossFit Kids in 2004 under an exclusive long-term license from CrossFit Inc. …In late 2010, the Martins agreed to move CrossFit Kids operations under the CrossFit Inc. umbrella…and disband the CrossFit Kids affiliate program in exchange for CrossFit’s promises to share profits and support the Martins’ work… 

[In] March of this year, CrossFit suddenly began to claim that the Martins did not hold a license to operate CrossFit Kids, and had no rights to the program they had created.  In October, CrossFit Inc. fired the Martins without notice and took full control of the CrossFit Kids program. 

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Royals’ Wade Davis Adds 2 MPH to Fastball Training at CrossFit Gym

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Wade Davis Trains at CrossFit One Love in Montgomery, NY Wade Davis Trains at CrossFit One Love in Montgomery, NY. Image via Greg Hammond.

My article “Elite Athletes who do CrossFit” has generated much misunderstanding and attention. Let me set the record straight: The list isn’t exhaustive – many other elite athletes do CrossFit. And we’re not claiming the elite athletes ONLY train with CrossFit, but rather that they use it as part of their training to improve their general physical preparedness.

For example, the first game of the World Series kicks off tonight between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals. And one of the Royals’ most valuable players is pitcher Wade Davis.

In 2013 Tampa Bay traded Davis to Kansas city. His 2013 season was “awful”: 8-11 record and 5.32 earned run average (ERA).

But in 2014 the pitcher was nearly magical, recording a 9-2 record and 1.00 ERA. Bob Lutz reports that Davis hasn’t “even allowed a hit in 47 of his 79…

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